Howard Wilson

Chief Operating Officer

Howard Wilson has worked for many international firms during his career, which include Crossway Capital centered in Australia, Equility Capital out of London, and Prosperity Investment out of Germany. He has founded and partnered firms such as NuQuest, Inc. and The Cottages on Mountain Creek, where he is currently serving as the Chief Operations Officer responsible for medium and long-term corporate planning, as well as day-to-day management oversight of clinical and resident care staff for behavioral health services.

Mr. Wilson’s extensive financial responsibilities in the past included sourcing viable projects in a wide spectrum of industries requiring at least $100 million USD. He has vast experience in corporate governance, regulatory compliance, strategic planning and financial projections. Mr. Wilson also assists clients worldwide in identifying and signing client companies that need guidance on capital raising, as well as exposure to planning growth for technology, oil, and energy companies.

Howard also has experience processing Joint Commission Applications, as well as Policy and Procedures for assisted living services.