Bright Path Programs Enhanced

Resident’s Cognitive Status And Improve Outcomes

The Bright Path Programs

Bright Path surveyed teaching hospitals and universities where learning and memory retention are studied and extrapolated the best from each, utilizing feedback as a springboard to create a unique, advanced and comprehensive program that is individualized to the needs of each participant.

Documentation is a critical piece for professionals working with the participant in understanding “over-all” cognitive functioning. The Bright Path program “tracking” of memory is essential to the overall care and anticipated member needs.

Bright Path offers a schedule, curriculum and professional staff that includes a psychiatrist, as well as Memory Care Specialists, LCSW’s and RNs, that work with the uniqueness of each participant.

Bright Path now includes a Memory Care Specialist with over 25 years’ experience.

Third-Party Contracts for Programming

Bright Path are now being offered to Senior Housing Management Companies wherein in Bright Path provides cognitive behavioral programming on-site to residents (third-party therapy contract) or in a group setting through a third-party management contract.

The program is tailored to the needs of the seniors and combines the talent and expertise of our seasoned staff.

Programming can also be provided through management of a specialty cognitive behavioral wing (24 to 30 beds).

The Joint Commission Accreditation follows the program (programming can be advertised as such with approval from Bright Path.

Rates for services would be billed through our Third-Party Billing Company and/or through a third-party management contract with Bright Path Program.

Bright Path will provide an exclusive market area for third-party services that will be determined collectively with the client and Bright Path.


It is our goal that programming continuously improves the health and wellness of the clients we serve.  With oversight documented by the Joint Commission, our organization is inspired to excel in safe and effective care of the highest quality and value.

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