Meet the Team

Meet the team responsible for helping transform the seniors housing and care industry. Over the past three decades, our TEAM of professional men and women have made it their mission to professionalize sales, marketing and customer service within the senior living space.


Province understands the unique challenge of providing solid valuation and market feasibility studies, as well as running a strong healthcare operation that produces financial results for vested stakeholders.


Our combination of valuation and market feasibility studies for senior housing and healthcare, as well as management and operations for healthcare facilities, brings unparalleled expertise. In addition, our knowledge of staffing patterns and operating expenses are constantly being bench marked against industry standards based on the comprehensive services provided by Province.

Carol Reynolds, MAI

CEO | President

Carol Reynolds, MAI is professionally recognized as an authority on valuation, operational overview, and market feasibility for senior housing and healthcare across the United States…


Howard Wilson

Operating Officer

Mr. Wilson has worked for many international firms during his career, which include Crossway Capital centered in Australia, Equility Capital out of London and Prosperity Investment out of…


Edward Handy LMHCS

Clinical Director of Programming

Edward Handy is an experienced professional in clinical and operational Healthcare Program Development. He spent 29 years with the University of Vermont’s College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry …