Bright Path Program GPS, LLC ( provides our management company (LodeStar Health Care Services, LLC) with behavioral programming for seniors that is accredited by the Joint Commission. For all communities that are managed by LodeStar, the accreditation follows the program to each specific location.


In addition, programming is inclusive of a 4th year Resident Rotation by a Major Teaching Hospital/Medical School (Department of Psychiatry).


  • The Joint Commission accreditation follows the program
  • Individual facilities will have the advantage of receiving a 4th year Residency Rotation (Department of Psychiatry) by a Teaching Hospital
  • The clinical staff includes licensed therapists and counselors, Clinical Director and Medical Director
  • Programming is overseen by the clinical team with quality control occurring monthly


Province Consulting Group in Collaboration with LodeStar Health Care Services, LLC, provides unparalleled management services for independent living and assisted living services. With substantial experience in the Health Care industry, the company leaders possess a diverse, synergistic set of skills and have the knowledge, experience and successful track record to effectively manage senior housing communities.

With a deep understanding of finance, management, programming, development and operations in the Healthcare Industry and its many segments, the management team has the vision, talent and business savvy required to effectively execute a business plan and drive the company to profitability and great success.

Carol J. Reynolds, Founder & CEO

Ms. Reynolds possesses over 30 years of experience in the real estate and/or healthcare field. Specific experience includes the analysis of all types of healthcare and senior housing including retirement homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, acute-care hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitation hospitals. Additional experience includes the analysis of multi-family projects, active adult projects and tax-credit projects (including tax-exempt bond financing and low-income tax credits).

Analyses include disposition analysis, economic feasibility studies, market and marketability studies and valuation studies (real estate and business). Ms. Reynolds’ experience also includes tax appeals. Ms. Reynolds is a Member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI) and a Member of the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute (CCIM).

Ms. Reynolds has been managing and operating The Cottages on Mountain Creek, LLC – a specialty behavioralPersonal Care Home for over six years. Programming is outcome driven and documented and has earned the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission. Programming also includes a 4th Year Resident Rotation through the Department of Psychiatry with a major Teaching Hospital.

Howard N. Wilson, Chief Operating Officer

In the late 1990s, Mr. Wilson co-founded and served as a corporate officer and director of Lakota Energy, a publicly traded, exploration and production company in the oil and natural gas industry. Later, it was converted into a high technology company named Lakota Technology. Upon successfully exiting this business in early 2000, he co-founded and served as an officer and director of a company providing consulting services to businesses in a wide variety of industries including both publicly traded and private companies (Oil & Natural Gas, Senior Living, Real Estate, Hotels, Resorts, Biotech, Renewable/Alternative Energy and Internet Technology).

Along with his position with The Cottages on Mountain Creek, Mr. Wilson is currently the Country Associate for the US and Canada with Crossway Capital, an Alternative Capital Provider headquartered in Australia with associates around the world. Crossway provides financing solutions ranging from $50 million to $1 billion and higher for companies in the US, Canada, Central America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Prior to this, he worked with a European Private Equity Group offering financing solutions to US companies.

Ed Handy, Clinical Director

Ed has 32 plus years of experience in Behavioral Health; 29 years with an Academic Teaching Hospital (Professor Emeritus University of Vermont College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry; Fletcher Allen Health Care Mental Health Psychiatry Service Division). Skill sets include specialty in Community Psychiatry, practice administration, continuum of clinical care coordination (inpatient, outpatient, community), direct clinical service, consultation services on program design/development, budget design/management, supervision (clinical and support staff), systems development, education on ‘active treatment’, and customer service training.

Terry Sullivan, M.D.

Dr. Terry Sullivan is active in customer outreach, sales and regulatory affairs associated with Post-Acute Care and has extensive experience in all aspects of managed care delivery. Prior to being CMO at COMS Interactive, he served as the VP of Medical Affairs for Golden Living Centers, the fourth largest nursing facility organization in the U.S. His primary responsibility was to develop an integration care model for the company.

Dr. Sullivan also served as Chief Medical Officer at Humana Senior Products. Additionally, he has worked with Blue Cross Plans and Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage programs. Dr. Sullivan was appointed President of the Colorado Board of Health by former Governor Roy Romer and served as President and Chairman of the Board of the Denver Medical Society. He has held various positions within the Colorado Medical Society. Trained in Internal Medicine and Public Health,

Dr. Sullivan earned both a Bachelor’s Degree and M.D. from Georgetown University. Dr. Sullivan currently serves as Medical Director for several nursing home facilities throughout the country, as well as being Medical Director for The Cottages on Mountain Creek, LLC.


The Mission of Province Consulting Group is to take care of those for whom we have responsibility, namely:
  • Our Clients
  • Our Associates
  • Our Investors and Developers

Everything we do as a business revolves around these three equally important groups.


Through a collaborative leadership effort and an undeviating commitment to People, Province Consulting Group provides a superior experience for all of our services whether for consulting services, management services, state-of-the-art programming and/or assisting with development and financing.

At Province Consulting Group, our top priority
is YOU.


LodeStar Healthcare Services, LLC (LodeStar)  is a recently formed MANAGEMENT COMPANY. The senior executive team has over 30 years each of individual experience in the senior housing and healthcare industry including legislative experience, valuation and market feasibility studies, finance, development, zoning and operational experience (six years of management experience).

Our Team has experience facilitating the development of start-ups, development of clinical programming, management of assisted living and independent living operations with Bright Path Program, GPS having successfully received the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission ( and a 4th Year Resident Rotation with a Major Teaching Hospital (Department of Psychiatry).

Our TEAM has successfully procured senior housing zoning designations and also has experience in Mergers and Acquisitions.

LodeStar was formed due to the realization that Management Companies have become scarce for start-ups due to the strong growth and development within the industry over the last five years. Many of our existing clients have lost “Deals” and/or were unable to “Close” on their land acquisition due to Management Company’s inability to respond in a timely manner.

LodeStar is a sister company to Bright Path Program GPS, LLC which provides clinical programming for seniors (BrainFlex Cognitive Program, Out-Patient Addiction Program. Mood and Anxiety Program and Pain Program). All programs under Bright Path are accredited by the Joint Commission. In addition, Bright Path has received a contract with a established “Teaching Hospital” to receive a 4th year Resident Rotation (Department of Psychiatry).

Our seasoned TEAM includes Ed Handy (Clinical Director), Carol Reynolds (COO), Howard Wilson (CEO), Terry Sullivan (Medical Director) and Robert Reynolds (Executive Director), as well as select Developers, Architects, Contractors and Brokers who provide services for individual Projects. Out TEAM also includes licensed therapists for the delivery of documented and outcome driven programming.


Our TEAM of expert specialists work with our clients during the development phase including planning and design, zoning approvals and development construction.  Our services include:

  • Zoning analysis;
  • Site Development;
  • Architectural Services; and
  • Our TEAM puts together the architectural team, as well as the development/contractor team and management team.

The following information provides a summary of what services can include with enhanced services provided as required.


  1. Site investigation and assessment of issues, challenges, etc.;
  2. Meetings with any and all parties involving potential infrastructure improvement- roads, bridges, utility services, etc.
  3. Initial master planning; and
  4. Initial environmental assessment- Phase I study, if one has not already been completed.


  1. Detailing of overall development schematic;
  2. Development of the schematics for utility plans;
  3. Development of schematic rendered site drawings;
  4. Attend planning and zoning meetings and hearings;
  5. Provide updated preliminary design and construction costs; and
  6. If required, submit for REZONING, annexation.


  1. Prepare the preliminary grading and landscaping drawings;
  2. Complete the hydrology study and incorporate water quality design features;
  3. Complete all storm water systems schematic design, including the Storm Water Management Report;
  4. Complete the schematic design and detailing for any major items, such as lift stations, force mains, road improvements, signalization of proposed intersections, etc.; and
  5. Fine tuning of the architectural detailing and floor plans, preparation of the preliminary architectural, structural and related engineering drawings for review by local and state authorities.


  1. Prepare the landscape architectural details;
  2. Prepare tree and plant schedules;
  3. Prepare tree replacement schedules based upon the overall site design detailing;
  4. Prepare completed civil drawings- site plans, etc.;
  5. Prepare completed architectural drawings;
  6. Submit for LDP;
  7. Issue bid packages as required; and
  8. Meetings with financial team members to release the development.


  1. Develop a program of inspections and quality control oversight during the construction period involving civil and site activities;
  2. Project management as needed along with administrative support and assistance;
  3. Provide monthly report on all activities related to this development, including cost reports and schedules;
  4. Additional services may be provided if desired- further discussion needed; and
  5. Further details to be determined as the development moves forward.


  • Policy & Procedure Development – The Policy and Procedures will be developed according to The Joint Commission format and will also follow state regulations as provided by the Department of Community Health;
  • The Procedures will include 11 sections that will be scaled to the operations and toward the individual programming (Table of Contents is provided at the end of the proposal). The procedures book is adaptable and can be easily expanded as the organization grows (included in the above);
  • SOP’s and Operation/Clinical services are developed to meet State/Federal standards and Accreditation standards. Operating and Clinical Services address the aging industry and the Federal Governments continued goal for meeting special conditions.
  • The procedures and standards are based on active treatment and quality measures wherein facilities are held accountable and track performance;
  • Policies will be adjusted to Medical Bylaws to include neuro-behavioral services (cognitive assessments and mental health);
  • Resident Handbook (i.e.; expectations, rights, advocate telephone number, etc.). The resident handbook will be developed to daily operating procedures. In general, state and Joint Commission surveys tend to focus on the Resident Handbook, as opposed to the Policy and Procedures assuming the operations are running smoothly; and
  • Clinical Schedules (Calendar of Events and Programming) – The daily calendar will be developed based on the following three programs (clinical therapies, adjunct therapies and socialization). Clinical therapies are geared toward the cognitive ability for the different levels of care, as are adjunct therapies and programing. Socialization plays a large part in the care of seniors and is key to assisting seniors in remaining active. All programming is developed to meet quality standards and have specific outcome driven measures.


  • Inclusion of ‘Active Treatment’ standards
  • Quality Measures
  • Evidence based Clinical Program Design — integrated (facility and community)
  • Oversight ‘Quality’ Clinical Staff’
  • Treatment Care Plan Design (with long-term and short-term defined objectives)
  • Tracking Resident Performance, Progress and/or Regression
  • Inclusion family/care taker in resident programming and planning
  • Community Liaison Medical and Mental Health Programs
  • Liaison Psychiatric and Medical Care with-in Facilities
  • Consultation-Liaison Services within Facilities
  • On-site and/or Tele-Psychiatry Psychopharmacology Clinical service


Specialty programs are wrapped around memory care and mental health diagnoses and also include programs for addiction and pain, as well as mood and anxiety disorders (all of which fall under the Joint Commission). The programs allow for a continuum-of-care for senior cognitive and/or mental health oversight. The goal is to have a complete continuum-of-care for a community based integrated program, as opposed to stand-alone (silo) programming.

Province Consulting Group



Above all else, we value People. In following our “People Principle”, we strive to help in both simple and significantly meaningful ways. We seek opportunities to appropriately acknowledge, thank, praise and reward for positive behavior and performances. We understand that only through our People do we deliver extraordinary care to our Residents.



Quality is an investment strategy based on a set of clearly defined fundamental criteria that seeks to identify companies with outstanding quality characteristics. Quality investing supports best overall rather than best-in-class approach.



Good communication is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships. Employers who invest time and energy into delivering clear lines of communication rapidly build trust among employees, leading to increases in productivity, output and morale in general.


We remain accountable, as a company, for our all of our services. Our broad range of experience, as well as our talented TEAM, provides unparalleled expertise within all sectors of the senior housing and healthcare industry. Our programming services provide documented and outcome driven results.

Our Track Record

We strive to provide a well documented analysis whether for management services, appraisal services, market feasibility studies, development services and/or consulting services. Our clients come first.

  • Brand Strategy 80% 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60% 60%
  • App Development 50% 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%