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What Makes Province Valuation Group

Performance – Province provides specialized services within the healthcare and senior housing industry. Our services are known to be unbiased with well-documented analysis based upon an enhanced knowledge base spanning varied operations for healthcare and senior housing services. Our hands-on experience in the ownership of independent living and assisted living services provides us with unparalleled expertise in terms of industry trends, staffing ratios, salaries and operating expenses.

Range of Expertise – Experience includes the full range of senior housing and healthcare operations (from active-adult through the continuum-of-care.

Our healthcare and senior housing expertise includes owning/operating and managing assisted living facilities, developing programming (memory care and behavioral programming providing active treatment outcomes along with quality measures), processing Joint Commission applications and state licensing applications, as well as policy and procedures. Our clinical staff provides consulting services that are wrapped around Standards of Care, as well as providing state and federal regulatory expertise.

Technology and Reporting – Our proprietary valuation software analyzes operations based on staffing patterns, as well as salaries for each individual department. Our software also analyzes expenses on a per resident day basis which provides consistency in reporting, while at the same time providing a solid base for analysis of actual costs facility to facility. Implementation of these applications has led to increased accuracy and reliability for our valuations.


Province has been providing appraisal and market feasibility studies, as well as consulting services for over 35 with well rounded experience within all aspects of the industry.

Our hands-on experience in the ownership of independent living and assisted living services provides us with unparalleled expertise in terms of industry trends, staffing ratios, salaries and operating expenses.

Our broad range of expertise allows Province to remain at the forefront concerning market changes, which is key to valuation in the ever-changing regulatory environment.

We are experienced in the entire continental United States and Puerto Rico.

Documented Valuation, Consulting Services & Programming

Valuation Services

Province Consulting Group provides documented and reliable valuations, market feasibility studies and consulting services that are wrapped around each client’s particular set of needs.

Based on the depth of services, clients are able to make informed decisions whether they are financing healthcare and/or senior housing projects, developing new projects and/or redeveloping existing projects.

Valuation Services (Appraisal) – In addition to the typical appraisal services, valuation services also include tax appeal services, bankruptcy valuations, litigation and expert testimony services, as well as real estate tax appeal valuations.

Market Feasibility – Market Feasibility Studies include the Initial market assessment. Our analysis includes a demand model, penetration rates, spending down of assets and an estimate of unit mix and pricing. The market feasibility study also considers the highest and best use of the land.

Financial Feasibility – The financial feasibility analysis determines at what unit mix and pricing the project is feasible.

Consulting Services

Province Consulting Group provides a wide range of consulting services resulting from our expertise in the Healthcare and Senior Living Industry.  Expertise is also wrapped around our experience with ownership and management of healthcare operations, as well as processing of State Licensing Applications and Joint Commission Applications. Expertise has also been gained through the development of Cognitive Behavioral Programs that are documented and outcome driven, as well as consulting services that include standards of care and regulatory expertise.

Specialized Areas
of Expertise

  • Market Feasibility and Financial Feasibility Studies (all aspects of senior housing and healthcare) including:
    1. Assisted Living
    2. Skilled Nursing
    3. Acute-Care
    4. Psychiatric (neurobehavioral)
    5. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation (In-Patient and Out-Patient)
  • Development Consulting (senior housing and healthcare)
  • Management and Programming Consulting (assisted living, behavioral and skilled nursing);
  • Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
  • Senior Housing and Healthcare Rent/Lease Analysis;
  • Development Services for Mixed Use Property Analysis (PUD)




Our studies provide a depth of analysis wrapped around our knowledge of the market area, operational expertise, management expertise and development and design, as well as the ability of our TEAM to remain at the forefront for changes occurring in the industry.



We believe in frequent professional communication with our clients. Excellent communication skills are important because communicating in this way shows customers that you understand what they actually mean instead of what they are simply saying.


Accountability refers to an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions. … When roles are clear and people are held accountable, work processes efficiently and effectively. Constructive change and learning is possible when accountability is the norm.

Senior Housing


Our Senior Housing Programming has been developed in tandem with Bright Path Program GPS (Bright Path). Bright Path Program provides behavioral programming for seniors and young adults. All programming is accredited by The Joint Commission (Gold Seal of Approval) and Bright Path has earned a 4th Year Resident Rotation from a Major Teaching Hospital (Department of Psychiatry).

The Bright Path Programs

Province offers Bright Path Program GPS which includes state-of-the art behavioral and cognitive programs. The Brain Flex Cognitive Behavioral Program includes the four stages of cognitive development: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational period. The sensorimotor stage is the first of the four stages in cognitive development which “extends from birth to the acquisition of language”.

Bright Path GPS offers the following four  Innovative Seniors Programs

The Bright Path Program, GPS also offers seniors programming wrapped around co-occurring disorders that include memory issues, as well as mental health issues.


Insurance Reimbursement

SJ Health Insurance Advocates works with Bright Path Program GPS to determine whether reimbursement for the Programs can be obtained for clients seeking Out-of-Network insurance benefits.

Bright Path Program works with SJ Health Insurance Advocates to determine what, if any, reimbursement can be obtained.

The Bright Path Program GPS has earned The Joint CommissionGold Seal of Approval.

What does this Mean?

The Gold Seal of Approval requires our program to operate and delivery services at a higher level of standard. The Mission and Vision of the Joint Commission is as follows:


To continuously improve health care for the public in collaboration with other stakeholders by evaluating health care organizations and inspiring them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value.


Allowing people to experience the safest, highest quality, best-value health care across all settings.

Program Structure

All programming is structured around young adults, as well as mature adults and seniors and relies on the following key components for effective treatment, rehabilitation and care:

  • Foundation and structure based on individual wants, needs and goals
  • Client opportunity to develop/practice relearned behavior
  • A map for orienting one’s life in a straight path and/or to alter their course consciously (proactively)
  • Individualized, customized care that includes family and/or caregivers
  • Community awareness to promote seamless and integrated continuum-of-care
  • A Center of Excellence mindset
  • Development of client resilience to move through their challenges and enhance their quality of life.

Finance Services

Howard Wilson is the U.S. rep for Crossway Capital (based in Sydney, Australia.

Crossway Capital, along with its US and UK financing partners, can provide a unique, risk protected, fully insured, credit enhanced financing package for various Industry Sector Projects such as Health Care and Senior Living, as well as commercial real estate.

Our approach creates a project financing profile that is significantly more attractive to banks and other lenders than conventional project financing packaging.  Features of this structure include:

  • Financial Architecture
  • Transaction & Credit Structuring
  • Securitization & De-Risking
  • Underwriting
  • Strategic Introductions & Alliances
  • International Economic Cooperation, Trade & Foreign Direct Investment
  • Government Economic Policy Development

Our Track Record

Management – We value fiscal responsibility by avoiding unnecessary expenses with the goal of enhancing revenues, thereby ensuring the organization’s financial viability.

Consulting services are developed from sound practices and industry knowledge.


  • Brand Strategy 80% 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60% 60%
  • App Development 50% 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%