Bright Path Program, a sister company of Cottages on Mountain Creek, provides neuro-behavioral programs for adults seeking recovery from the effects of Mental Health disorders (primary diagnosis) and addictive disorders in an out-patient setting, as well as seniors suffering from memory care along with mental health disorders. For a look at the programs Bright Path Program offers please click on the link below.

About Our Programming

Province Consulting Group, in collaboration with Bright Path Program, GPS provides clinical programming that is documented and outcome driven.

Bright Path Program, GPS

Recognizing that the Long-Term PAC (Post-Acute Care) clinical world is changing, the Bright Path model is flexible, innovative and facility unique. Programs are designed to be responsive to the changing delivery of healthcare services and include the following attributes;

  • Programming is an integrated Community Social Wellness Model intermixed with a solid outcome driven and patient centered foundation;
  • Senior Living model based on access to reimbursement payment systems available either through individual therapy sessions and/or clinical 6- to 12-week programs (Cognitive Behavioral/Addictive Disorders/Pain Management /Mood and Anxiety);
  • Full or partial reimbursement may be available for Bright Path Programming (Out-of-Network) either on campus and/or at the Bright Path Therapy location in Sandy Springs, Georgia; and
  • Payment provides for services above and beyond the traditional Self-Pay Assisted Living structure (reimbursement through Insurance Companies for 12-week programs and through Medicare Part B and insurance companies for individual therapy).

Summary of Design and Oversight

  • Bright Path designs, manages and oversees quality control for the medical/behavioral programming, as well as staff, associated with integrated senior living campuses;
  • Operating principles embrace standards of care identified and endorsed by accrediting bodies (The Joint Commission), as well as federal standards (CMS);
  • Access to a 4th Year Medical Resident Rotation from a major Teaching Hospital depending on location of the facility campus;
  • Programming is evidence-based with documented measures designed for persons who experience mental illness, behavioral disorders, neurological impairment, addictive disorders and/or hospice/palliative care that significantly impair functioning;
  • Treatment is physician lead, multi disciplined and individualized; and
  • Treatment design includes the resident, caretaker, family and physician as part of the care and treatment plan.

System-Based Integrated Comprehensive Care that includes a variety of community agencies/workers as follows:

    • Discharge planners from hospital settings;
    • Family members;
    • Crisis workers,
    • Community medical and mental health professionals); and
    • State support services (court systems and/or vocational rehabilitation services).

Components of Care   

  • Facility Specific – To be determined by the community/market driven;
    • Program models are designed based on market dynamics (i.e.; Physician Model, Nurse Practitioner Model and Cognitive Behavioral Model, etc.);
    • Family and Staff Meeting Rooms On-Campus;
    • On-campus Wellness Center (Internal Medicine; Family Practice; Gerontology; Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy; Podiatrist; and Integrated Medicine); and
    • Healthy Choices (Yoga, Nutrition, Horticulture, Intramuscular Massage, Acupressure; Healthy Juice Bars, and Healthy Dietary Menu’s, etc.).
  • Neurobehavioral – Psychiatric, Behavioral, Memory Care, Addictive Disorders and/or Gerontology (individual and/or group based) – A portion of which may be reimbursed via Medicare and/or insurance;
  • Community Liaison – Preferred provider status with local hospitals, mental health centers, practitioners/groups, Federally Qualified Clinics, religious and/or social organizations; and
  • College/University Liaison—Joint Ventures and/or Affiliations for graduate level professional programs to include all health fields (internships, practicums and resident rotations, etc.).

Integrated System

Bright Path believes that Quality Integrated Care includes the following attributes:

  • Quality administrative and financial metrics which allows new revenue streams through reimbursement for clinical services (payment systems beyond the traditional private pay assisted living structure);
  • Market driven physical plants allowing for flexibility to address higher levels of care;
  • Easy and seamless access to specialists who work within the affiliated medical groups or are effectively linked to the group;
  • All providers have access to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and can share information through a confidential EMR system networked internally and with community resources;
  • Proactive education/supportive services and preventive care (health educators, nurses and nutrition counseling, etc.);
  • A full-service medical team to allow for 24-hour access to medical services with access to full medical records; and
  • Access to labs, X-rays, physical therapy and other services because services are located within or near the campus.

What Advantages Come With The Programming?

  • The individual facility can utilize the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission for the programming aspect of the operations (the Joint Commission Accreditation follows the program);
  • Individual facilities will have the advantage of providing assessments by a Medical Doctor completing their residency program in Psychiatry (Emory University Medical School);
  • The clinical staff includes licensed therapists and counselors; and
  • Programming is overseen by the clinical team with quality control occurring monthly.
Programs Available for Seniors Include:


It is our goal that programming continuously improves the health and wellness of the clients we serve.  With oversight documented by the Joint Commission, our organization is inspired to excel in safe and effective care of the highest quality and value.

phone: 400-786-4440