Crossway Capital United States Associate

Crossway Capital (based in Sydney Australia) and its US and UK financing partners can provide a unique, risk protected, fully insured, credit enhanced financing package for various Industry Sector Projects such as Health Care and Senior Living, as well as commercial real estate.

Crossway Capital is pleased to present our unique Insurance Wrapped Project Finance Program (IWPF).  Working directly with a Lloyds of London underwriting syndicate and our London and New York based funding partner, this powerful structure delivers unprecedented security and comfort for private debt and equity providers, and sets Crossway Capital apart from all other project finance firms.  IWPF effectively endows your project with the Lloyds A/AA credit agency rating making it uniquely attractive to funders.

Finance Services Provided by Crossway Capital

  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital and Seed Capital
  • Angel Investor or Business Angels

Our approach creates a project financing profile that is significantly more attractive to banks and other lenders than conventional project financing packaging.  Features of this structure include:

  • Financial Architecture
  • Transaction & Credit Structuring
  • Securitization & De-Risking
  • Underwriting
  • Strategic Introductions & Alliances
  • International Economic Cooperation, Trade & Foreign Direct Investment
  • Government Economic Policy Development

What Do We Offer?

  • We look for projects requiring a minimum of about $100 million and provide a fully funded, completely de-risked package for lenders
  • Fully de-risked for the project principals, the lenders and any equity investors
  • We insure all the risk elements through the world’s leading insurance market, Lloyds of London, and offer the structured proposal to leading global funders, giving them an unfunded risk mitigated loan under EU Capital Requirements Regulations
  • We can, if required, introduce equity investors

What are the Advantages for Borrowers and Lenders?

  • We turn a high-risk weighted project into a fully insured, non-recourse, all risks, all events covered project
  • Minimum “A” rated insurers give investment grade cover, arranged through the world’s leading insurance market, Lloyds of London, which has a 325-year history of never defaulting
  • Banks and other lenders now have a loan meeting risk mitigation rules

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